Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Incredibly Beauty and {versatility} of Earrings.

As anyone can tell from my website I have a fascination with earrings. I love them. I guess you can say I have a strong “kinship” to them. As long as I can remember I have always worn earrings. Based on my mother’s input, my first pair of earrings was a pair 14K gold studs which I proudly wore 3 weeks after birth. It must have been love at the first sight. Since then, earrings have become my jewelry staple, from a basic pair of hoops for daily wear to gorgeous elaborated chandeliers for evening wear. My fascination with earrings took over to the point that I started designing them; they became the vehicle to explore my creative side. Over the years I have wondered what is it about earrings that keeps me fascinated and makes me want to wear them and create them. Ironically, the answer is quite simply, it’s their beauty combined with their versatility.

Versatility in wearing them: Earrings simply put the perfect frame for the human face; they can add a small touch of interest, a glimpse of sparkle or provide a sculptural showcase to the facial features that cannot go unnoticed. The versatility of earrings goes beyond their asymmetrical looks. Earrings can be used in pairs or worn as singles, they can match perfectly with each other or be mismatched, their colors and material can be identical or complimentary to each other.

Versatility in designing them: Designing earrings requires a little more thought and planning than designing for other pieces of jewelry. Will they become a focal or complimentary piece to the wearer? Will they attach, cover or dangle from the earlobes? How long will they dangle, how much will the cover? Will they hook, attach, clip, stick or go around the ears. Will all the components be light enough to avoid stretch or pain to the wearer?

Versatility of the type of materials used and creative possibilities: The possibility of materials for earrings is short of endless. Paper, cork, shells, feathers, plastic, stones, glass, gems, wood, bone, metal, recycled pieces mundane items… anything that can become light enough to attach and to hang from the ears can be used to make earrings. Awesome!

Versatility in accessorizing: Earrings are the one quintessential piece of jewelry many women wear on a consistent basis. While necklaces, bracelets, watches and rings are wonderful pieces of jewelry, many customers tell me they feel “naked” without wearing a pair of earrings and they explain that a simple pair of pearls, studs, or hoops will elevate their looks to a more “put-together” state.

Versatility to convey human emotions: Because of the proximity to the face earrings tend to convey emotion more easily than their counterpart pieces. They have a way to reflect the state of mind of the wearer. Earrings can easily convey humor, femininity, sensuality, casualness, creativity and they can be a reflection of cultures and backgrounds based on their designs,

Is no wonder I am continually fascinated by them. In a sense it is a relief to know that with all the possibilities out there, my passion for wearing them and creating them can only expand to new levels of creativity and artistry – something I would have never thought of when I started wearing them at 3 weeks old.

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