Monday, March 29, 2010

Fashion - Back to the Future: Why Fabulous Women Wear Clip Earrings

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"Clip Earrings?", “Who wears clip earrings?”  At we get this question so much I decided to create a post to provide the many reasons women love and wear clip earrings.

Depending on your age, you may not even know what a clip earring is!  Perhaps you are familiar with the idea, but can only visualize those gaudy, painful, faux pearl and gem-like pieces sitting in your grandmother’s jewelry box, right?

To the contrary!  Today’s clip earrings are extremely fashion forward and are available in many modern, unique and trendy styles.  On the other hand, pierced earrings are easy to wear and certainly not lacking in style, either. 

So why fabulous women wear clip earrings?
As unbelievable as it may seem to some, there are still lots of women who do not have their ears pierced, and to be frank, this is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to have your ears pierced.  Other reasons include:

  1.  There is a small percentage of women that simply does not like the look of a hole in the ear.  For these women, a clip earring is the perfect accessory.  It provides necessary embellishment without any permanent change to the ear. 
  2. Some women have religious beliefs that would prevent such a procedure. 
  3. Others may be allergic to certain metals, causing irritation.  For these women, pierced earrings are often bothersome, even painful and simply not a choice. 
Though women with non-pierced ears would obviously prefer the clip earring styles, what about those women who already have pierced ears?  Why would they even consider wearing clip earrings?  
  1. Well, some women have unfortunate tears or scarring as a result of continuous use of large heavy pierced earrings.  
  2. A glamorous clip earring can dress you up for any special occasion without any of the hassles pierced earrings can sometimes bring.  Aside from physical discomforts, how many times have you lost a precious earring because the back slipped off?  Clip earrings consist of one convenient piece. There are no tiny parts to be lost.
  3.  Clip earrings are also a great alternative for wearing long dangling, chandelier type earrings without the danger or worry that they will pull or tear the earlobes.
 So who wears clip earrings? You asked?  The answer is everyone! 

Whether you are strictly opposed to piercing, or simply feel discomfort from wearing pierced earrings, a clip earring will solve your problem.  Found in virtually any size, shape and style, clip earrings can certainly be a must-have fashion accessory for any occasion.  The best of all, the new styles can be quite comfortable too.

Why wear clip earrings?  Perhaps you feel completely pain-free in pierced earrings, and that is wonderful.  However, you probably found it a waste of your time getting them on and off.  There is nothing worse than being late because you were wrestling with an earring and trying to put the pieces together.  In choosing the clip earring, you will find time savings. 

Modern clip earrings are practical, yet high fashion and so the new styles are so easy to wear.  They can be as light, unique and glamorous as their pierced-earrings counterparts. 

I think in the near future, you will find this flexible accessory plastered through every fashion magazine, glittering on the ears of runway model, and sitting patiently in the jewelry boxes of beautiful starlets.  

What are you waiting for?  Come and check hundreds of clip earrings designs and grab a pair that reflects your personal style and enjoy life with clip earrings!

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