Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Convert or make your own clip on earrings

Converting Your Own Clip Earrings
You have been hearing a lot about the trendy, long, arresting new clip earrings, but you are not quite sure if you are ready to run out and buy a pair.  Good news!  You can convert to clip earrings using some old pierced ones that you have sitting in your own jewelry box.  In just a few easy steps, you can learn exactly how to make clip earrings. 

Why make your own clip earrings?  Findings have shown that often times, people are hesitant to try a new product.  Many people tend to associate clip earrings with the tacky, old-fashioned ones worn by grandmothers.  With hundreds of amazing, high-fashion choices that can be found in today’s clip earrings, this is clearly not the case.  However, some may still be skeptical, or perhaps they are just unsure about the fit, or level of comfort.  By showing them how to make clip earrings, they can see how easy it is to wear a great style, and how comfortable they really are.

In order to convert your dangle pierced earrings to clip earrings, only a few small supplies are needed.  Most everyone has a pair of pliers lying around.  Flat nose or chain nose work best for a good grip on the loops and a supply of clip earring findings.  You can choose any pair of stylish earrings, as long as they have loops at the top to accommodate the clip closure, which you will also need.

Simple, detailed instructions can be found at crazy4clipons.com where you will learn in just minutes, how to make dangling clip earrings.  Sometimes you may be able to convert stud earrings to clip earrings too, these require special findings, check our instructions for converting post earrings to clips earrings

Do not forget crazy4clipons.com  has a huge assortment of clip earring findings to match your earrings by metal, colors and different styles of clips!

Are you ready to have stunning ear fashion without the pain and aggravation of having to pierced your ears to wear long fashionable pieces?  Convert to clip earrings from your own home, and see for yourself how amazing they really are.  Once you have experienced the clip earring, findings will surely inspire you to buy a dazzling new pair or two.

small clip on earrings
Clip earring findings
Large clip earrings
Medium clip earrings
small clip on earrings
Clip Earring for everyone

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