Friday, November 04, 2011

Handcrafted Clip On Earrings vs. Mass produced

Handcrafted Clip On Earrings vs. Mass produced -  So, what’s the Difference?

A lot of people choose handcrafted gifts and handcrafted jewelry as special presents for their loved ones.  This is also true for people with non-pierced ears. Handmade clip on earrings are an excellent when it comes to giving a one-of-a-kind type of earring style that is not mass produced anywhere else. 

Clip earrings  are becoming popular and recently can be found in  many antique stores, eBay, shopping malls etc. With a little research anybody can have a pair or more for themselves. However, receiving something as special as handcrafted pair of  clip earrings can make the recipient special and highly appreciated. 

You know that giving a unique present will make the person receiving it feel special in return.  These special gifts are usually treasured for years and sometimes a lifetime. 

Women are constantly searching for exceptional pair of jeans, hairstyle, earrings or outfit. Fashion has changed the way people see things like searching for more than just a plain outfit, accessorizing or putting a twist on the outfit to make it stand out in the crowd.  

Nowadays where mass produced jewelry is very common, a handmade, well-constructed pair of pierced or clip earrings is considered personalized instead of just being common, generic.  Also, mass produced charms hooked with clip findings can not match the satisfaction that a well-made handcrafted earring design can give. 

Yes, mass produced clip earrings are popping out everywhere, unfortunately they are no longer unique.  These mass produced accessories are created in a hurry without paying much attention to the quality and uniqueness of each.  These type of jewelry fail to reflect the feelings, care, and thought of an artisan.  Making handmade artisan jewelries like clip earrings need plenty of planning, meticulous designing and materials and good skill, and care.  These fundamental elements make artisan handcrafted non pierced earrings different and superior from their mass produced counterpart.

Exceptional handcrafted jewelry whether necklaces, bracelets or earrings  reflect the heart and soul of its designer.  The appreciation and happiness of the people when presented with handcrafted pieces become the motivation of an artisan to create more unique and beautiful jewelry designs especially for clip earrings. 

The designs, patterns, and creations become infinite and essential with each creation.  With handcrafted clip on earrings, each of the materials is carefully chosen to perfectly suit the overall mood of the earring style. The designs and patterns used have been well thought to effectively convey the message of love and care to the receiver. 

There are many choices for handcrafted clip earrings you can give a special someone. They are now made in  different colors, sizes, shapes (hoop clip earrings),  materials (pearl clip on earrings) and styles (bridal clip earrings). These clip earrings can be made from precious stones and crystals while some are made of gold and even bone and wood. No matter what non pierced earrings you want to get, bear in mind that they should complement the one who’ll be wearing them.

Receiving a handcrafted earrings such as pierced or clip on  earrings will not only bring happiness but can also make a person stand out from the rest especially when paired with the perfect outfit. So this Holidays make it an exception and  give something unique and made with care and detail like handcrafted clip earrings.

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