Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crazy4clipons is now Pinteresting!

Ooohh ... this is so very Pinteresting ...  
Crazy4clipons is now at:
crazy4clipons at Pinterest
Crazy4clipons Pinterest Boards
My 2012 addiction:  Pinterest! The new social media craze got us pinned ;)
I should have written this post a little earlier, but what can I say? I was pinteresting :)

Pinterest, what is not to love?  This new social media platform is simply brilliant!  It's visually stimulating, it  satisfies: self-expression, curiosity, belonging to a close community that shares the same things, it provides wonderful engagement and it truly is a wonderful place to plan - I found some outstanding recipes and fun, fun DYI projects!

On the business side, Pinterest is a really great marketing tool and I fun one!  The number one rule here,  as with any other social network, avoid overselling your own brand on your pinboards. Linking the death out of every one of your products and writing very long descriptions without a personalized touch is never welcomed by any community. It is also important to  post photos that both aesthetically appealing and have a little bit of your company’s personality, so do not be shy, toot your horn a little bit!

This invite only network provides a great platform for us to be able to pin items of interest, allow users to follow us, re-pin items - whether it’s a food recipe, a favorite dyi project or a great pair of clip on earrings  (wink, wink).  

We are so excited about this new platform we will start providing great promotions and coupons, so come over and start pinning!
See you online!

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Jenny K. said...

Seems like pinterest is taking over the world

Crazy4Clipons said...

Lol, indeed! It is simply such a fabulous social tool. Do you use it?