Sunday, January 05, 2014

2014! New Year, New Colors, New You

Fashion icon Coco Chanel once said, "The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you." :-)

Simple, yet profound, her statement emphasize that fashion, not matter the trends, is very much a personal style.  

In the new 2014 year, color - in all its varieties -  offers a wide spectrum of choices, not only in a splendid array of hues but also in the awesome combination with others.  Based on Pantone’s fashion color report the start of the year 2014 will be defined by a combination of soft pastels paired with vivid brights to create a beautiful color balance & equilibrium.

Now, you will agree with me that it is almost superfluous to say that color is "in", frankly has it ever been "out"? Yet, with no doubt, the "winter/spring" seasons traditionally favor neutral colors like grays, browns, blacks, sparkling whites and soft pastels.  I am so happy to hear that this year, new splashes of high intensity color will show up.

This new year will hail clever combinations of pastels with infusions of vivid, crisp colors.  Dazzling blues,  lightly toasted sandy neutrals, spring foliage greens and nostalgic purples/grays rank in the top tones used by designers in their collections, followed by high-pitched-spicy reds, blazing tropical yellows, energetic, sophisticated oranges.  A delightful/fun palette to play with!

Pantone Fashion Color Report
Besides new colors and their combinations, textural contrasts and mixtures of materials, influences and patterns will still maintain a focal direction.  After all, there is still  attention on items that look handmade and are naturally rustic, imperfect and beautiful.
Some say femininity reigns supreme, yet this year is not about trying to be frilly, aggressive, or edgy.  Our goal is for you to "celebrate yourself".  It's about "You" showing your subtle beauty with a subtle power.

Today, women want jewelry they can change to fit their moods, as well as pierces they can wear every day that's easy transition from day to night.  There is so much fun in finding pieces that are playful, adaptable, contemporary, easy to wear and reasonably priced.  In the case of earrings, this is true, regardless of you having pierced or non-pierced ears!

So, let’s claim 2014 to be the year about your personal style and about expressing what makes you beautiful and unique.  In a world where products are turned out in mass quantities, we hope you embrace our pierced and clip earrings as items that will speak to you and who you are.

Cheers to a wonderful & colorful 2014!


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