Saturday, February 11, 2006

The magic of Pearls

It never fails.
Just when I am ready to design a piece whether is winter, spring, fall ... any season or any occassion, I am inclined to look for my pearl beads. I used to include them heavily into my winter shows, and with good reason. They sell! They are a true classic. A simple pair of pearl earrings will go with anything.

Now, pearls are part of my every season designs. Afterall they come in an lovely array of colors. The beauty of pearls is that they do not have to be understated or monochromatic, they can also have an eclectic look specially when combined with exotic beads for SouthAmerica, India or Africa. They can become very playful when combined with semi-precious gems or with colorful glass. Here, these little jewels take a different life that gives jewelry an flirty fun flavor.

Freshwaters are some of my favorite as they a beautiful and they usually possess a unique individual shape that adds to the style. Many times I like the use of faux-pearls which are superbly light and come in true wild colors, these can truly create funky, hip affordable pieces.

Truth being, pearls are an indispesable component on my designs, to me they will always be fashionable.

Glossary words: Abalone. The source of the lovely Mother of pearl. Abalone is a mollusk where the shell has an iridescent look on the inside that gives the mother of pearl a lovely shimmer quality.

To Anodize: this is a
process of creating colorful rainbow-like finishes on jewelry by electrocuting alloys such as titanium and niobium on a acid solution.

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