Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pizzaz and Spice

Designing earrings for Girls is such a pleasure!

There is something so gigly about my little customers. It is amazing at how early in life the fashion bug comes to life.

I like to create my designs with the help of several girls in my neighborhood, they provide me with a great sense of color, style and most important comfort. Just as their adult mothers they have a keen eye for what looks good on them and I am always impressed and grateful with their input.

I used to think children jewelry had to be very small, until a 6 year old girl expressed to me how she liked my designs but she wanted them with a little more "Pizzaz, a bit more spice".
"I like my earrings to dangle as I move" she went on saying " just like my Mom's do". I had to smile. This is one girl who know her style and is not afraid to ask for what she wants. What a great quality in life.

Glossary words:
Acrylic: This material is a type of thermoplastic, it can be transparent and opaque and comes in a lovely array of colors. Acrylic beads a durable, strong and they are lovely for affordable pieces of jewelry.

Agate: This is a versatile and beautiful stone. It has curved banded colored looks that distinguish them from chalcedony. Agate stones are porous so they are proned to be dyed or stained. Based on the colors there are many types of agates, some of the ones I am familiar with are: Blue Lace agates ( white based with light blue curved bands), crazylace agate (a combination of colors with a distinctive wild molted look), dendritic agate (gorgeous stone that usually has hints of plants embedded), fire agate ( a hot yellow/orange look that has an explosive hot-lava look).

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