Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring has sprung!

Wow! Spring is here! ... Ahhh a lovely season indeed.

I truly enjoy all seasons of the year; each one of them has something special. Just like seasons of life, it is a matter of taking time and seeing the positive benefits each one brings. Being in California is a luxury; the temperature never really gets very freezing cold. I am truly thankful for living here.

I like winter because it is my time to get organized, to get my paperwork done, to concentrate into my administrative work, to strategize my marketing ideas, to study, to take classes, to think of new designs. I love spring because is a time of rebirth, the plans are ready to put into action and what can I say, I am ready! It is simply phenomenal to see the same effect in the environment, the earth it also ready to come out of hibernation during this time. After the winter dormant months, the earth truly wakes up. It is indeed beautiful.

I have not blogged for a while due to the fact that I have been spending lots of time with new vendors and learning new techniques with wire. I am a firm believer that practice makes perfection so I have been practicing my new techniques. It never cease to amaze me how rewarding is to master a new skill :D

My new collection is ready. I am happy to be able to provide my customers with fresh quality products!

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