Wednesday, March 01, 2006

So did I win?

I love productive days! The beginning of the month brings a lot of admistrative tasks that need to be done, it is a lot of work that has to get done to keep the website and the process running smoothly, so today I rolled-up my sleeves and got to work early. So far, I am very happy.

  • Created and posted Online Newsletter for March - check
  • Created and sent newsletter email text version to my subscribers (with a 15% coupon code ;)) - check
  • Picked the Winner for February contest earrings - check
  • Sent notification of winning to the winner - check
  • Created my monthly datafeed for Froggle - check
  • Reconciled my monthly sales - check
Not bad for being the 1st day of the month.

Hopefully, this month I will have my contest winner respond and claim their prize. The last two months my contest winners have not responded to any of my emails and the prizes have been going to the corresponding runner up ... I wonder if my emails end up on their spam or trash boxes :( - I wonder if they are ever read.

Then I ponder on how many people hit the big one like the lottery and never claim their prizes? I wonder if this has happened to me, I am usually entering contests and raffles mostly to benefit my kids schools or other causes, yet often the ticket ends at the bottom of my purse or somewhere in my desk without me checking the results ... I do wonder now ...

Anyhow, there is always good news. Our monthly prizes have found a home with their runner up, so I guess it pays to check those winning notifications, eh?

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