Friday, December 01, 2006

Holiday Gifts: Earrings for Grandma or your favorite auntie :)

We continue with our Crazy4earrings Blog for finding special gifts for special people

This time it is grandma's turn (it well could be your favorite family member)

Grandmas are so special! While the term indicates endearment and love, we must remember that in this day in age Grandmothers are a new breed. They are stylish, they are sophisticated and yes … they are very hip! Holiday gifts to grandmothers should represent your love for her (after all, most Grandmothers will appreciate any gift you give them), however when you take the time to give something that fits her style and personality, your gift becomes a reflection of your caring and it she will not only appreciate it, but wear it proudly.

My favorite choices for Grandma Gifts are easy: eternally classic pearls, personalized stones, hearts and love designs.

Pearls are simply classic. Today, they come in a large variety of colors, sizes and styles. This allows you to choose beautiful designs that are far from … well, "grandma's earrings" (no pun intended). A dangling single pearl dangling from sterling silver, a beautiful pearl coin, clusters… the choices are endless.

Personalized stones: Real precious stones are phenomenal! Their less expensive counterparts: Swarovski crystals are a refreshing (easier to the

budget) choice. Choose fun combinations that will

reflect a meaningful thought or event. Her birthday, the birthday of all the grandchildren, a combination of both! How about a 3 generation combination?

How about beads that represent Love? When you are lost for words, love beads come to the rescue. Hearts will convey your feelings in a soft, unspeakable yet clear manner.

This holiday pick something fun for Grandma.

Whether it is jewelry or homemade cookies, your present to your Grandmother or loved family member should be memorable, caring, and meaningful.

Something to treasure forever.

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