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Holiday Gifts: Earrings for pre-teens and teenagers

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Wow, 9 days after my last post ... hmm I am not being very good keeping up with my blogs ... In all honesty, our little store Crazy4clipons has been very, very busy with the Holiday orders ... which is a good thing!

But I digress ... let's get back to our original talk: Special gifts for special people. This time, we will talk about choosing earrings for Teeeen-agers!
Teenagers are without a doubt a special group. When we're talking about teen fashion, we are talking about girls and young women who are trying to convey an attitude and style that describes them as individuals with a free-spirited, independent frame of mind. Choosing items for teenagers can be complicated as the formula to find out what they like is not generally clear.

Teens do not necessarily choose looks to "match" to other pieces, nor they can care much about matching a budget (which most of the time is small). They do care for pieces that will "match their personality" and state of mind ... now if you are close to a teen, you will know this is a BIG challenge.

The pieces you choose for a teen need to work with their existing wardrobe to give them "the look" they are going for, for that specific time and event. It can be ethnic. It can be organic, it can be goth, it can be vintage, it can be glamorous, it can be sporty. Oh yeah, it can be all mixed together.

Stressed yet? Relax, the good news is that most teenagers are incredibly creative and if they have the ability to transform items to fit their own style. So think about them as distinct individuals, take notes of their looks, their colors, their moods. 

 You may find our guide to choose earrings for gift giving to be of help during this search. Pick something with them in mind, and then let it go ... you may be pleasantly surprised to see them wearing your gift or maybe having it altered to fit their personalities, just the way they like it

Gothic earrings with hoops and chain - teen earrings

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