Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Resolutions

Crazy4clipons Resolutions
Clip earring findingsLarge clip earringsMedium clip earringssmall clip on earringsclip earrings for kids, girlsNew Year, New Resolutions, New Goals ... well, maybe some of the goals are the same I dropped last year =) - but it really does not matter, the important thing is that I get another chance!

Every year I start with a list, and although I may not keep all of them, I do fairly well in others. So, I give myself lots of credit.

Blogging was on my list last year, yet I only blogged once (hey, better that none). I also had other resolutions such as:

  • Doubling my customer base (done!)
  • Mastering the Search Engine Marketing process (done!)
  • Placing my business on first page on most top Engines (done!)
  • Learning new design techniques (done!)
  • Keeping up with my newsletter (done!)
  • Streamlining my campaigns and my templates (done!)
  • Becoming a full merchant (done!. Yup, taking all major credit cards, Paypal and Google checkout)

Not bad in my book. This is of course on top of my regular web maintenance, improving my photography skills (a 2007 resolution), improving ways to cut paper, improving ways to handle accounting (an ongoing resolution) ... all on top of a full-time-non-related job.

Yet, although blogging was put on the back burner, it has never left my list. So this year I get another opportunity to put it back on the front burner.. let's see how I do this time --- can't promise I will blog everyday ( I am realistic), but after this blog I will be at the same level that I was last year ;)

What are other resolutions? To do better with the ongoing and ever-changing marketing schedule and to plan better for seasonal campaigns, to increase my product line in many new exciting ways (wait until you see what I got in mind for you!), to keep on learning both in my artistic designs and also in my technical skills, and as always to manage my time even better.

Yes, it is a tall order and I can do it. I have amazing support from my family and my customers. There is an incredible satisfaction when I receive great feedback from brides, from mothers and kids letting me know how happy they are to wear their clip earrings. That in itself has been the ultimate goal once I started this business.

So, I invite you to buckle up with me, we are in for a wonderful trip in 2009!

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