Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Boho/Spumoni connection ...

I am a person who likes to combine things, I love patterns, I love color, I love texture. I have my days when jeans and t-shirt will do, I have days when PJ's will do, I have days when the little black backless dress will do. I do not consider myself a person of trends, instead I follow my moods and I dress accordingly.

There are days when I feel vanilla and vanilla I dress, yet some other times my moods are more of an Italian spumoni, a mix of feelings and it is then I start putting together a group of unconventional pieces that come together with a non-comformist freedom flair. I thought this was my way to stick it to the fashion trends, to rebel, it was my way to put things together and then to my surprise I found fashion had a name for this as well. It is called BOHO style!

Dang it!

But Boho is not just a carefree hosh-posh of styles all thrown in together, the beauty of bohemian is the sucessfull combination of earthy and homey things that are not supposed mix but when done successfully the result is unique, unconventional and pleasent. It is a very comfortable style, very personal based mostly on organic-earthy-homey things you love. I really love this concept on earrings.

Today is one of those days ... I feel spumoni, I feel tri-colored, I feel like designing some boho styled earrings ...

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Ali said...

How can I get these earrings?? I LOVE THEM! my email is angelcutiepie9104@yahoo.com if you can email me info.