Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Newsletters and Contests

Goodness, keeping blog is hard! While I have all the intentions of posting frequently, time just goes by so quick during the day and then I find out it has been a week since my last posting.

I knew there was a reason I never got into journaling ;)

Now we are at the end of the month! Crazy time for me, this is time to review inventory, do monthly accounting, working on monthly newsletter and find out my winner for the contest of the month!

My newslettters are getting easier to work as I have been fine-tunning my templates for the last 3 months and there is also something new to talk every month. I send my newsletters on a monthly basis, I personally dislike the tons of advertising email I get every day and I want to be sensitive to my customers in that area. Last month I was surprised to see over 200 people registered to my newsletter! that is not counting people who submit their entries for the contest of the month.

I enjoy this time, picking the ramdom number from all entries (well we let the computer picks the winning number) and then sending the winning email to our winner! Pretty soon someone will win the pretty St Patrick earrings that is up for the month of February.

For the next month I will have my first necklace/earring set as a free gift. A cute set of cherry-like earrings with a matching sterling silver necklace. The beauty of this set is that is sooo pretty and girly it is perfect for children or adults with a Rockabilly/Girly flair, I hope my customers like it :)

Cheers to all!

Glossary time!
Annealing: This is the process of heating a metal and then cooling it in order to make it more workable by re-crystallizing its molecules after the piece has been worked on. Annealing can be done via oven on large pieces of metal or blow-torch for small pieces.

Assay: This is a test performed to find out the the purity of an alloy. A tiny piece of metal is scraped from the piece and the percentage of gold or silver is determined. The results of an assay examine will usually determine whether a piece qualifies for an appropriate hallmark (for example marking the metal .925 sterling silver)

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