Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Life is a Gift

Today I heard one of my customers, a lovely lady- one of my first customers who purchase from me when I had my little booth set on the local coffee shop as I started to feature my jewelry- passed away. I do not know that details yet, just a voice message to let me know she was no longer with us.

These are poingnant moments, the ones that make you stop for a moment and think.

Marilyn was sweet and always with a smile in her face, I can always find engrossed reading a fascinating book at our local coffee shop.

In a time when I find myself caught in the freeway of being constantly on the move, this news is a reminder that our lives are so flimsey. We do not live forever, we are frail and everyday is a gift. Just like a white piece of paper ready for us to write, to draw, to fold, to dribble, to cut, to tear, to shred. Each page is just a part of the diary of our lives and we never really know how many pages we have in our book, there is one thing for sure. There is an end.

Marilyns book is over, yet I know she touched many with her softness and her smile and I dedicate this post to her sweet soul.

Rest in peace Marilyn

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