Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What is your Passion?

How many times do we spend on our lives doing a job that we do not enjoy, a type of dead-end task that is just a means to an end. A regular paycheck that pays for our bills yet through a means that is dull, boring, routine maybe even exhausting ...

I have been fortunate in this regard. Since early in my career I have worked with things I love, things that interest me, that enrich my life.

Early in my career I was driven by the technical side of things. Computers have always facinated me, to see how they worked internally, I find it thrilling being able to manage them and work with their intricasies became my passion. When the internet came I was thrilled and websites became a way of expressing my creativity through this technical means. But unfortunately it came like an explosion, a huge rush and it simply was a matter of time when I had to make a desicion to take some time for my other most important passion: My family. For someone who likes to give 100% to her goals, this was not easy. But it was the right desicion.

After leaving the corporate world, I spend years trying to find out how to get my passion back, that feeling of making something new, of building, of taking something simple and building into something beautiful and that is when jewelry came to me as the saving grace. Yet, technology has never been lost in me.

The simplicity of one bead combined with other pieces with a little bit of wire can become something so pretty, delicate, sophisticated, demure or dramatic, exotic, or pure wild. Add to it my fascination for design, for websites and computers and I am back again. I love what I do.

Who would think that two different way of creating would fuse together to become my working passion.

Life is short, it is worth to spend it doing what we love.

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