Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Personal style as a trend!

Happy Valentines to All!
Wishing a wonderful day to all couples, lovers and friends.

Today I am exhausted, I finally completed the new cover for my website last night. One of the challenges I find in running my business is keeping up with the current marketing. Frankly, everything seems to run so much ahead that by the time you finally hit a Holiday all the stores are already advertising the next one (which sometimes is 3 months ahead!)

But this is part of my job and I do enjoy working and changing my website to provide new looks and feature items periodically. My inve
ntory is now in the hundreds so I like to rotate my designs periodically.

Designing earrings for the so called "current season" can be challenging for me. My take is to provide designs for all tastes, just because something is "in" and trendy does not necessary means it looks good on everyone. Personally I find it frustrating when stores are so c
rowded with styles that may not be flattering on me just because the trends dictate so.

One thing is for sure, I love color! Of course, white pearls, black onyx, blue lapis are staples and lovely stones to use, but if I can get my hands on colorful beads I am in heaven! Firey Carnelian, crispy citrine, lovely hues of dyed jade and of course the array of color from Swarovski crystals, all these colors can come to life and give a simple piece of jewelry such an attitude.

I sure hope the new styles available are pleasing to my customers. I know I enjoy creating them :D

Glossary word:
Alloy: This is the definition of a combination of two or more metals. Some very common alloys used in jewelry are: gold under 24 Kt (mixed with silver, copper, and/or other metals), sterling silver (92.5% silver, 7.5% copper), brass (copper, zinc), bronze (60% copper, tin and sometimes other metals), pewter (tin, lead, some silver and sometimes copper).

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